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  • About US

    GROWant Dedicates 13 Years to the R&D of Biological Lighting Products for Terrestrial Plants and Aquatic Animals Since 2005.
  • Location

    Office Location 8356 SW 40 St D-I Miami FL 33155
  • Our Mission

    Delivery High Quality Products and Services to the Hydro Indoor Garden Cultivators, Shine Quality Artificial Sunlight into Indoor Greenhouse.
  • Facilities

    Professional Optic Labs, Plants Growing Labs and High Level SMT Product Line, Aging Rooms and others.
  • R&D Achievement

    17 LED Patents Relevant to Biological Lighting Products.
  • Production Lines

    5 Generations LED Biological Lighting Products. 
  • Organizations

    Product Department, Engineering Department, Marketing Department and Service Department.
  • JOB Chances

    Canada/Mexico and 27 EU Representative Offices are Deploying, Welcome Professionals to Join Our Global Business.